In Turkey, as in other parts of the world, the advertising sector depends on overall economic and commercial activities. Turkish advertising started during at the beginning of the century during the years of the Balkan War with the arrival of Emest Hoffer, who previously was the Manager of Havas…

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Turkey remains as an advantageous market for global countries due to the low tax policy for foreign exporters, geographical features, never-ending consumption demand of young generation and local market volume. Every passing year, great numbers of companies are getting involved in the Turkish market as new players.
When it comes…

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The Turkish branch of IAB, one of the worlds’ famous digital professional organizations, published ratios for digital advertising investments in 2017. According to official figures, digital advertising investments in Turkey have increased by 15,5% since 2016 and have reached ₺2,163 million.

In 2017, display advertising investments increased to ₺1,228 million…

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